bonanzajellybean replied to your post “am i ready 2 b The Other Woman”

): i know it’s 100% on the person in the relationship not to cheat, but we should still all be looking out for each other

ok here is the thing: i 99% don’t give a shit. i’ve done it before, not with anyone married, but i’ve done it before, and i’d do it again. getting fucked over is part of life, shit happens, i don’t have moral qualms about being a homewrecker as long as there is not an added expectation that i’m supposed to like take the place of their partner don’t expect to leave them for me. that’s all *shrug emoji*

if yr partner is lookin elsewhere yr relationship is probably on its way out so maybe a catalyst is a good thing tbh

y’all can unfollow me for this and honestly i would prefer if you did if it’s that big of an issue